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Various myths about slots

Gambling myths are usually dangerous for those players, who do not know them in particular. In order not to get in trouble and safe money, each player should know the myths connected to the slot machines.

  • Slot machine about to repay may be spotted

However, the winning slots cannot be actually spotted by observation of it. Even slot machines with amid the bank of slots with high earning potential do not necessarily guarantee jackpot. The machine itself does not hand out the winnings. Random number generator provides it.

  • It is possible to define the winning odds by counting the reel symbol's number

Mind that RNG disposes virtual reel that is corresponding to the real reel that always affects the odds on the reels in various ways.

  • Loose slot machines are put by casino in specific areas

There may be some reason in finding the looser slot machine in some locations like near the cashier line that is in high traffic area; however, loose machines are not necessarily situated in the same spots. The machines are moved around all the time at land casino.

  • Machines can be loosened or tightened in a notice moments

Theoretically it is possible for casinos to change the chip in a computer that is responsible for the slot machine. It cannot happen in tightly regulated casinos. No doubt, the magic button that make slots looser or tighter does not exist!

  • The sooner machine pays out , the longer it goes without it

The payments are controlled by the RNG. There are no formulas of predicting the results of the spins. Slot meets the percentage of the repayments programmed in RNG. However, there is no guarantee that the same percentage will occur gradually in time.

  • It is possible to win more by means of putting arm on the slots rather than pushing spin button

Once the reels began spinning, the generator of numbers has already defined if it is going to be the winning or losing spin. It is indeed about the time of reels spinning, but not the way of spinning.

  • The hot coin increases the winning

Each player understanding the operation of slots knows that hot coin from the actually real flame cannot warm the reels and make them loose. Such a myth for sure belonged to a very optimistic and inventive player went too far in drinks.

  • The percentage is the best at weekends

The casinos can accommodate some particular types of players in particular day times by changing the betting stakes. However, the repayments are operated by the random generator on the random basis dictated by RNG.


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